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we can change the world.

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Good Today makes giving a part of your company culture.

Every morning, employees will receive a message with the day's cause and two featured charities. All they have to do is click on one of them to donate. Engage, educate, and empower your employees to have a say in where their companies charitable dollars go.

Increase engagement with your team

$2 per employee/per month + .25¢ each time they click to donate.

Your team can opt to receive Good Today via e-mail or Slack.

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Love for Good Today Teams

Eric Reiner, sinaivc

“Good Today is the best way for anyone to learn about and donate to some of the most important non-profits in the world. I am excited to support Good Today for Teams for both my VC firm as well as many of our portfolio companies.”

Effie Epstein, Sound Ventures

“I love starting my day with Good Today. It's a powerful platform that lets our team donate to incredible non-profits and causes around the world. With a couple of clicks, we can now make an impact on a daily basis!”

Seth Degroot, BrightStone VC

“We've joined Good Today because we believe they have the potential to make real, impactful change. We look forward to changing the world for the better, one quarter at a time!”

Good Today Slack Bot Features

Get direct messages via Good Today Slack Bot, daily summaries on how your team gave, and the opportunity to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between good today teams and good today for individuals?

Good Today Teams is all about helping companies incentivize their team members, so the biggest thing is our pricing model. Companies pay $2 for each employee they sponsor, and 25C each time a member engages with Good Today by selecting a charity to donate to. We also have the option for teams to recieve Good Today via Slack instead of e-mail. Good Today Teams doesn't offer the rollover option

Is Good Today teams tax deductible?

Yes! We're a 501(c)3 non-profit too :}

Can our organization make recommendations for causes of the day or charities?

Absolutely, our inbox is always open for recommendations. Just submit your recommendations via this form. We strongly consider and prefer suggestions, but charities do have to pass our vetting process.

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