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Our Story

As cash-strapped college students we had a thought, “Why couldn't giving back be as habitual as grabbing a daily cup of coffee and cost less, too?”

So we created a platform for individuals that made it easy while maximizing the impact of just 25 cents a day.


Then we pivoted to corporate teams, knowing we could provide companies with a way to engage employees by supporting causes they truly care about.


Now we're watching the domino effect of collective action — and the deserving people and charities reaping the benefits.


Say hello to the team.

Moses Abudarham

Director of CSR

Robin Wolfe

Head of Operations


Product & Engineering

Joe Teplow

Board member

Sean Rad

Board member

Guy Oseary

Board member

Ariel Sterman

Board Member

Joe Benun

Board Member

Eric Topel

Board member

Molly Swenson

Board member

Jeff Dobrinsky

Founding Board Member

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